Who is entitled to a free boiler replacement? – Small Business Government Grants Covid 19

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Bolts and pipes must be returned because your company or person can no longer service your heating system and water heating systems.

For more information visit our Broker Guide for the Consumer.

Your boiler is your responsibility

You have responsibility at all times for cleaning up any damage you may have caused to your boiler, even if it is under the control of another. You will need to pay for this work.

What to do if you have a water heater

Your boiler must be clean and working properly. Your boiler must be safe to use and you must properly keep it under control.

Your boiler must always be in good repair and functioning properly and the boiler must always be connected to the water supply or your fire detection system.

Your water heater is a product of the Victorian electricity market. You must always ensure that your water heater is connected correctly.

If you are worried about someone else’s water heater, ask a qualified service provider to do a checks, to make sure that it is working properly and safe.

Make sure your boiler is connected properly.

You may not have control over your boiler but be responsible for cleaning up any damage to your boiler. Your boiler can never be taken away from you until it is repaired.

Your boiler should not leak. If there is an obstruction (e.g. a leak pipe) and it is not easily repaired, or you cannot identify a problem, it is not repairable.

If you are worried about someone else’s boiler, ask a trained boiler technician to do a checks, to make sure that it is working properly and safe.

Find out how to choose the right boiler.

Contact a professional boiler repair or supply repair company.

How to get an ID badge on an aircraft for use by your spouse, partner, or child at an airport


You may not be able to get an ID card for your spouse, partner, or child on an aircraft, but a new Government incentive will allow you to buy the card for up to $1,300.

As part of an Aviation Information Security Management (AISM) review, the Australian Transport Authority has allowed an option to register a spouse, partner or child onto an ID card, or a single ID card for up to $1,300.

The price is significantly lower than the current $3,000 ID on an aircraft.

The new fee would be payable online but under current

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