What type of grants are available? – Government Grants And Loans

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The main source of income for the University is grants and fellowships. The amount, type and duration of awards depend on the student’s interests and interests in the research subject. The University distributes over a total of 30 different types of university income; we would like to encourage you to explore all of the various options available to you. We do not receive additional government funding and all funds are provided by the Government through the Scottish Government (through the Scottish Enterprise Fund).

What are the income-related areas of interest?

While our research activities are carried out in many countries globally, we have our own research group focused on the study of Scotland and its economy.

Why should I apply for a university grant or another income-related award?

University grants or awards cover your travel, accommodation, and food expenses when you live and work at the University of Strathclyde. The University of Strathclyde has special facilities for students including the Scottish University Library and the Scottish National Theatre on the Strathclyde campus (please see the University and Centre of Excellence for Students website for more details), while the Student Centre at the University provides accommodation, dining and other services (please contact the Student Centre for assistance).

How long can I apply for a university grant or another income-related award?

The funding period of your award will vary but normally lasts one (1) to two (2) years.

Where can/will I find more information?

Please contact your nearest academic institution.

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