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The Federal government funds more than $4 billion in grants annually that are used to support state and local health-care initiatives. States, counties, hospitals, and local community organizations submit applications to administer specific grants, and the federal government awards funds to eligible recipients at the state and local levels.

Who uses the grants?

The primary objective is to support a state or local health care plan that is providing at least 70% of its patients primary care services – not including physicians, dentists, and hospital doctors – for all services as assessed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Health care providers that seek a grant may use this funding to supplement the primary care services provided to their patients by other providers or to develop and implement unique approaches to providing primary care that improve the care outcomes for primary care patients.

What are the guidelines for receiving a grant?

To be eligible for a grant, a health-care provider must submit a proposal for a new or improved program under Part D of the Medicaid program within 120 days of the application deadline. The proposals must be in written form that include a detailed proposal of a new plan, the proposed delivery system for the program, funding requirements, and a description of the provider’s plan of care for the patients to be served by the program and the goals achieved.

The proposed program must be for at least 1 year and must include 1 or more specific activities for primary care. Within 180 days of receiving a proposal, the grantee must provide the grantee with a written explanation of the proposed plan of care, including any modifications or substitutions to the proposed plan approved the grantee for this proposal. Grants are typically awarded at the grantee’s discretion. The grantee must submit its proposal to the grantee’s State Coordinator within 120 days of receiving the grant. The State Coordinator determines whether to award the grant to the applicant or to a third party.

There are three primary types of grants: public health, public safety, and health promotion. If you would like more information about the grant process, please contact your state agency.

Does each state have its own guidelines?

Some states, such as California, require a grantee to have its own guidelines. Other grantees require applicants to meet certain criteria including patient populations, primary care services, and the level of payment to Medicaid providers. Most grantees also allow a person to apply to receive a grant from more than one grantee and also may have criteria that limit eligibility for some or

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