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This is the final funding round for a pilot study that will run for four months from September to February 2017. The grant will cover the entire period to recruit and train the students involved and to conduct research through a pre-doctoral program. For some of the graduate students involved in the study, the grant will provide full funding for the entire study.

What will happen if we receive the grant?

The students involved will have the opportunity to be in charge of a research project after the grant is awarded, for which they will receive a full-time doctoral scholarship and full tuition reimbursement (except for graduate student teaching assistants). We will have six students in total involved in the project. In addition to the main participants, we will have a few other participants who are affiliated with other local university research centers. We will send all the training materials and materials related to the study to the respective labs. The students will also receive a one-year stipend per student from NIER. If the data from the study is useful or if it is feasible that this type of research could be implemented in the future, NIER will sponsor a small pilot project at this partner’s site. The students will be able to use some or all of the training material from the study and will also receive a small stipend and an annual cash bonus for completing five (5) hours of research for their final project at this partner’s site.

How much time is there to apply?

Please visit the project website.

How many students does this study meet?
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This study will meet approximately 50 students.

What does the research involve?

This research is to evaluate the benefits of video conferencing as compared with using email for data collection and communication, and what kind of data are to be collected? Some of the benefits that video conferencing could provide include:

Using different voice formats (English, Spanish, Chinese, or other languages) for data collection (for example, Chinese or Spanish versus English and Spanish) and the training materials (training material can be provided in the form of video lectures and/or written reports; the amount of training materials provided depends on the length of the final project).

Training different types of learners by offering video training, reading material, and other training materials to be applied to individual learners, as well as a variety of other training materials. Training is also encouraged when using new technologies or tools, such as virtual reality.

Recording lectures and/or lectures on

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