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A grant is a government contract and a private person who decides to act as a grantee. In some cases, one or more individuals or companies may be granted a grant which is made to pay for something specific. The purpose of the grant may not always be apparent, but the person is the grantee and may have certain legal rights to certain government funds.

A non-profit, self-governing government may have a grant which is a grant for the purposes of providing public services, such as fire and emergency services. The grantee becomes the official who accepts payments from the public to the extent the grant allows so. These payments may be made by the government or by individuals or private companies.

A private citizen, corporation or other organization may pay the government for the purpose of providing government services such as fire and emergency services. There is no obligation on the private citizens, corporations or organizations to contribute more than their share of the costs of a government service. There is, however, an obligation on the government to pay the full reasonable expenses of the private service. Generally, the cost of the government service in the most recent year is not included in computing the private recipient of a grant. The government may decide to do so. An exception is a government grant which is a grant that has a provision that grants to private recipients the same rights as the public grantee to be reimbursed for any costs incurred for the service.

Other things to know about the grant

When a grant is made to provide government services, there is usually a requirement for the grantee to file an Annual Report on Grants to the Australian Government, a complete Annual Report on the Receipt of Grants and the public accounts (Accounting for the Australian Government). The forms and records may be a bit onerous and are best obtained by a professional accountant who has knowledge of Australian tax laws.

There may be several copies of grants available, however some grant applications can be filed within one to two years.

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