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A grant is a non-cash payment, and is a way for people to help with a particular program or project. Grant money is used to pay for the cost of a variety of activities, such as education, technology or project management. Grant funds are typically given out by local, state, and federal agencies. For more information on our grants program, please click here.

What kinds of funds can be given?

Grant funding is based on need. So there are times when only certain funds can be used. But what counts as a need varies by project, the complexity of the problem and needs of the person the grant is for, and the type of person receiving the grant. Grant funds are not always targeted toward people with the highest needs.

Can I apply for grants directly?

Most individuals or other groups can apply to receive grants from NSF. Applicants must be approved by a grant peer review committee. Approved applicants must agree to release information to the applicants’ peer review committee. The committee uses a variety of techniques to evaluate and decide whether a grant is appropriate. For answers to many questions about NSF grant programs, visit National Science Foundation grant information.
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Why is there a need for a grant to help fund a particular purpose?

A grant is very important. We must ask questions about the program to assess whether it is the right purpose/need. For every new grant, a peer-reviewed grant review committee evaluates applications for need, effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. In order to meet the needs of current and future students, workers and industrial/organizational professionals, as well as of those in need of other supports, NSF is funding a number of different grants each year. Learn more about the grant review process in NSF’s Federal Grant Programs: Grants and Cooperative Agreements.

How does a grant recipient determine its relative need?

When determining how the need of a grant should be assessed, we typically rely on a number of approaches to evaluate the program. The grant grant peer review committee uses one or more of the following methods to evaluate potential grant funds:

1) Objective cost benefit analysis (OCBA)

An objective cost benefit analysis (OCBA) evaluates the project’s impact on the cost of basic research;

2) Cost and benefit comparison analysis (CFBA): a cost analysis compares the overall value of the project with comparable alternative projects, including those that are not currently funded;

3) Need analysis: this is

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