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The new policy establishes a new national network of public health centers that will provide the highest-quality primary care and preventative services. Public health centers will perform a wide range of primary care functions—for example, primary-care providers will provide preventative services to individuals and families and provide cancer- and heart-related disease-prevention counseling and treatment. Community-based providers have been identified as key providers to achieve this goal and provide these primary care services to all individuals as well as children, pregnant women, and adolescents.

Are children eligible?

No. There will be no change to the eligibility requirement for children under 17.

What is a public health center?
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A public health center is a location where health and human services professionals are assigned to provide primary-care services, including primary health care services and cancer- and heart-related health-related services to uninsured and underinsured individuals, to all children without a family member, and to individuals who have been screened for certain cancers and heart diseases. Public health centers that deliver primary care services, including cancer- and heart-related health-related services, will not have to perform screening for other screening tests, except for pregnant women.

When will the program go into effect?

The state’s new Primary Care Collaborative will start enrolling eligible individuals within 60 days of January 1, 2014.

What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

Qualified individuals must have either a family member or someone who has lived in the county or state for the past ten years or who is 21 years or older and resides in the county or state.

What other services will be provided through the newly formed network?

Primary-care and health-related-care providers, along with other health professionals, public health centers, and other partners, will train health care providers and other health services professionals to work together to provide a range of primary-care and health-related-care services to uninsured and underinsured individuals, pregnant women, adolescents, children, adults, and other uninsured individuals and families, including pregnant women, children living at home, and those with other family members. Community-based providers will be involved in this and other primary-care services. Additional clinical support services will include case management and community-based care coordination.

Who will be eligible to become a partner, trainees, and other partners of the program?

The Public Health Center Collaborative will provide a unique community model in which health services professionals

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