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The government can award grants of up to 75 percent to local and community groups to aid in the management of land and natural resources, including hunting and fishing.

Does the federal government require me to sign a form agreeing to their conditions?

No. Your local game and fish authorities are your primary source of information and your sole agency to determine your options.

What form of written consent do I need?

Grants / Grant Application Process
It is essential. You will need to sign a letter of intent to sign a document. A letter of intent allows you to indicate your decision by giving consent to a specific application within a certain time frame.

Are there any other requirements?

You should consult a legal professional before entering into an agreement with your local game and fish authorities.

How long does the agreement take to fulfill?

Generally, agreements can take between six to 12 months. If the time is in the future, check with the applicant. If there is no response within two months, then you may need to sign a new agreement.

What happens if there is a lack of cooperation?

If that occurs, a notice to appear may be issued. This letter will state your options and if and when further action will be taken.

What if the application is rejected by the applicant’s local authority?

After the application is denied, there is little the applicant can do. If the application is denied for some reason(s), you may need to follow up with an application for a re-evaluation or grant of a new permit.

Are there fees?

No. There are no fees for obtaining permission to hunt.

What if I disagree with the decision?

The local governing bodies of the state or counties may also have the option of taking action, including the granting of permits.

What rights does a local authority have after they deny a hunting permit?

Local authorities have to provide you with a written explanation of their decision. If the explanation is too general, you will have to do further research. The local authority may also have the option of taking action, including revoking the permit and requiring that you pay a fee. If you are denied, you are usually not obligated to follow through. This is known as ‘no-take’ status. If you do not seek to re-establish your own status after your application has been denied, you may be required to pay a fee and abide by the laws of the locality or county.

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