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The Fgg grant is awarded to students who are studying in the School of Languages, Art, Theatre & Dance (LATASARD) at the University of Melbourne.

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Under the Fgg grant, students can gain a place in one of six language schools available in Australia. These schools include MacKenzie College, Melbourne Writers’ Workshop and South Melbourne Grammar School, and have a number of opportunities for students looking for more hands-on opportunities.

Where, when and how can you apply?

You can apply to apply as a student through the Fgg grant website. There are two ways to apply:

Applicants who are a student in Australia and are living abroad can apply to FGG on the Australian side. Students who plan to return to Australia in the near future can submit their application through the Australian application (PDF) (application instructions are available here).

There is no fee to apply, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

Categorised FGG applicants can apply for FGG funding under the category of ‘specialist education for people from disadvantaged background’ with a maximum total grant of $7,500. Students with additional requirements may be able to apply for funding under Category D (non-specialist education) or C (non-specialist teaching) with a maximum total grant of $14,000.

It is important that you are registered in your language school’s online platform (website, application form, mailing list) before applying for the Fgg grant.

Why is ‘specialist’ being placed on the grant list?

The category of specialist education (SCE or SCE-F) is only allocated for students eligible for a maximum total grant of $14,000.

The term ‘specialist’ is only used to distinguish students from less advantaged people from other categories (e.g. students who are students receiving Australian Government support, or non-students enrolled in an academic course in their state of residence).

Consequently, as these students are not able to access other grants, the category specialist in turn is placed on the grant list to ensure they remain viable candidates to apply for further funding. As an example, the FGG grant has been reserved for students from the disadvantaged population.

Is FGG considered as ‘professional practice’ and/or ‘advanced practice’ in the same way as an entry for a PhD?

No. The ‘special

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