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It is our aim to grant up to £11,000 per year over two years to individuals and organisations who want to promote the art, technology or educational use of graphene and graphene–based materials. We believe that science and technology can be used to create a ‘Gorilla Mind’, a ‘world computer’. What does this mean? Scientists in this area have already achieved great things, such as one of the longest known communications chains in the world.

Why is it important to be supporting this initiative?

Research on graphene has the potential to greatly improve our society and our world. Graphene is one of the most significant and powerful materials currently being considered for use in future electronics. It has high electrical conductivity and excellent flexibility, allowing it to be a very stable structure; while having a low thermal conductivity which provides a good environment for the use of semiconducting materials. These properties coupled with high temperatures make graphene extremely promising in many potential industries – from electronic electronics to bio-optical applications.

How are the funds going to be spent?

You can read more about this initiative here

Want to start working on graphene today? Join our team!

All our researchers are on a ‘research’ contract to be funded by GRAB or the UK’s science and technology departments themselves, rather than by funders. You can join our team here.

In the latest case of the ‘I Don’t Give a F***’ of the world, some students at a California high school have made a list of rules to keep their fellow students, the media, and the police out of their bathroom. As a result, the principal of one of California’s flagship public middle schools has ordered them to stop using the bathroom.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, one of the students, an 18-year-old high school junior named Jack Graziano, has been suspended from Spring Valley Middle School in San Jose for violating the school’s “no-porn” policy. In other words, the principal doesn’t give a fuck what the teen thinks.

“I’m just doing it right now, just like everyone else does,” Graziano said through tears as he pleaded guilty to one count of violating the school’s code of conduct.

Graziano apparently had been using the girls’ bathroom since September and had not received a referral to another location, prompting the punishment from school officials.

According to CBS, Graziano’s attorney,

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