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A graduated income tax credit that is part of the Personal Income Tax (PEI) reliefs will allow individuals who are making a lump sum payment or receiving a cash grant for retirement to reduce their taxes.

The credit is a deduction on your final tax return and it is used to reduce your personal income tax.

The tax saving for tax filers who receive a grad, flat or lump sum is up to $50 in tax savings. This tax saving may have increased significantly as the credit began its life in 2001 and began to be used more consistently with the introduction of the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) from 2007.

The tax credit is payable through the PIE program.

How much is the Income Tax deduction?

The Personal Income Tax is a tax rate of 10.5% on your taxable income. Individuals who receive Income Tax credits are able to claim a deduction from their taxable income, up to $50, in the year of the credit. The amount of the deduction can be adjusted by the amount of the taxable income earned.

You can receive the deduction for up to 20 years before becoming an eligible taxpayer according to the Income Tax Act.

You or your spouse or common-law partner must be a Canadian resident within the last 10 years.

If no income is reported on your federal tax return, or if you’re a non-resident taxpayer, you must provide documentation of your financial situation (such as a letter from your employment agency) to claim the Personal Income Tax credit.

Why do I need to know the income I’m filing as?

There are many factors that determine what income is eligible or not eligible for the Income Tax Credit.

What criteria are used to determine what income qualifies as qualifying?

A personal basis assessment is a process used by CRA to determine the financial situation and the amount of allowable expenses associated with qualifying income. The criteria used to determine what income is qualifying for the Income Tax Credit are established by the Income Tax Act. The criteria used to determine what income is qualifying for the Personal Income Tax Credit are established by the Income Tax Act.

What are the limitations?

The first limitation for claiming the credit is the amount of the credit you can claim each year during the life of the credit. To qualify the entire credit may be claimed in one year of income.

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