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A direct grant is a grant from the state to a public entity (or a municipality to a city or town). This type of grant is known as a grant from the commonwealth to the commonwealth.
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How are grants used? Grants are used to help pay for services the state provides its citizens such as hospitals, prisons, roads, roads, law enforcement, law enforcement, and emergency operations. How do I apply for a grant from a private entity? You can apply for an award on the website of the state in which you live with a photo, mailing address and contact information for the applicant. Once submitted, the application is reviewed by the state department that administers the award process. How much do I receive? The value of your grant is a range of amounts from approximately $50,000 to $1 million depending on the need. Does the state pay for my award? Not directly. The fund’s expenses are covered through grants made by other sources including state and local governments, public non-profit organizations and private foundations. How can you pay for the grant? If the grant is for a fixed cost, as opposed to a cash payment, either an employer or the non-profit organization that receives the grant can use the grant for its own purposes. If the grant is for a temporary cost, as opposed to a fixed cost, the donor can use the award to fund future expenditures. How do I use the grant to get a job? You may use the amount received to pay for part or all of the cost of your first job (after you complete an educational program or a job skills training programs), as well as part or all of the cost of your second job (after you complete your education program or retraining). Also, you may use funds received to pay for your transportation to your new job and for housing, food and other supplies. How can I use the grant for my education? You can use a grant to pay for tuition at a college or a university without going through the traditional application process. When you become eligible for the grant, you get a notice detailing how the grant will apply to the education you plan to pursue. How can I use the grant to pay for my transportation? The amount you get depends on where you live. If you live in the Commonwealth, you can use the award to pay for a portion of your transportation costs, while you prepare for a new job (after you earn your degree or other degree). You must also pay for any necessary expenses, such as for medical care, which you

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