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Funders of CIF grants seek to improve educational opportunities in the United States and countries where CIF is being implemented, and to enhance the social and economic development of communities around the world.

Why do CIF grants exist?

CIF grants enable small-scale activities to have real impact, such as developing and delivering mobile computing and Internet access, in schools nationwide.

Who are the grant recipients?

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CIF is granted to community organizations across the nation who have been approved by the state educational department as appropriate. Community organizations may include:

Universities (including research institutions)

State and local school organizations

School districts

Public school teachers

Public and private non-profits (including universities)

Community agencies

Who manages the program?

The grant process for CIF is managed by a committee of educators who coordinate the grants program.

In a world where most major sports are governed by rules that make it challenging for teams to be successful, the NHL is far more flexible, allowing players to sign as long as they follow certain guidelines.

Under the team’s current collective bargaining agreement, a player can’t be restricted in their free agency until the next season even though he was already eligible by his previous contract. If a team wants to retain a player after that date, they have to wait until after the first of his next two entry-level contracts, at the latest.

That means it’s possible that players like Chris Kreider, who played for Toronto before signing with Colorado, could play out this season on a minor-league deal and then find themselves back in the big leagues in 2016-17 as a result of an injury or a new, younger player signing at the NHL level.

Kreider said he would try to make sure he can return to the Maple Leafs someday. But now that he is playing for a young team in Colorado, he has become a prime candidate to return.

So, could that scenario play out again? That’s not in the cards anytime soon, but, in theory, it might.

It depends on whether there were any salary cap implications to being dealt to the Avalanche for something like one year of development or something more like four years. Even though Vancouver would now have $60.4-million in salary committed to the players after Thursday’s trade, that does not include any roster space with players like Chris Higgins or Michael Chaput in Vancouver’s system.


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