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“He can’t even be bothered to read the instructions of your grant!”

“Does he even know who you are? Or why people don’t give to you in the first place?”

These weren’t isolated criticisms. Some were just angry at the fact that I could speak about what I felt without repercussions, as people in a different profession than myself. I am a physician now…

“Hey Mr. Zebrowski, when did you get your doctorate?”

“The first one I went to was an M.D. when I wanted to be a surgeon.”

But no matter what, I must be able to practice medicine. I could not continue my education at the University of London and instead teach high school in France, teaching all sorts of things. I must have a degree. I had to have a degree.

I must have a degree. I had to have a degree. …

My parents were the only people I had, to live with, and their children have all gone to college. They told me that I had to become a doctor at all costs. And when I didn’t, they’d come and tell me it was my choice to take a higher education or continue in my profession.

So I don’t understand them, how come I can’t tell them that? Because in the beginning, I used to call my students the ‘old man and young lady’, and at least they thought I did it just for fun.

The old man and young lady used to give me my meals, and I’d still eat my food.

Then one day, when my students were working hard, I finally spoke up and challenged them. I said that we are working hard, but are we all living in a world that is a mess? I said that the old man and young lady hadn’t made a mistake, and that they shouldn’t have been so worried about the world’s problems…

You know, my teachers would get so angry with me that I’d end up working very hard. And in the end, one of my students would be a medical student, and another teacher would be a psychoanalyst. They’d be a mix of doctors and psychoanalysts.

Oh, I would come home from school and the parents would be angry. I’d start to say things in French

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