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The top grants are grants from private investors and foundations, mostly in the philanthropic realm. There are also grants from government authorities, as well as grants to foundations.

How does the UK government allocate money into its social enterprise programmes?

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It bases its decision about whether an organisation gets funding from the Government on a range of criteria – from its activity and funding capacity to the results the organisation can achieve, and how it can help others.

Why does the Government fund organisations at particular levels?

Some organisations receive specific funding to encourage them to grow, or to invest in some areas where their existing funding is likely to be of benefit, while others receive a broad range of funding to help them reach their full potential.

What are the criteria for granting funding?

It ranges from a need to “bring something new to the table”, for example, for a small start-up, or to “promote the work of people or groups of people who should be able to develop new ideas or new technologies” – for instance a start up using artificial intelligence, or a start-up researching the use of blockchain technologies. The Government takes into account a range of factors when determining what types of organisations it will fund.

For instance, an organisation developing a new technology can receive funding for training for staff, or to help them build up expertise in the field. Many more need to gain a broad understanding about the field, and have the resources to do so.

What kinds of research are considered when deciding whether to support an organisation’s research?

The Government also takes into account the quality and expertise of research conducted, including the quality of information provided for the decision makers, and any impact on society.

What should an organisation’s research activities look like?

The UK Government aims to make grants to organisations that engage with people and organisations to find creative ways to improve our society.

In the main, organisations should have a wide variety of projects, involving students, volunteers, local communities, research centres, universities, and government bodies.

What are the criteria for grants?

To decide whether an organisation should receive Government funding, the Minister will consider the following criteria at the time of grant application.

The organisation’s activities and activities of its members may be significant. The organisation’s overall impact on society and its ability to work, or be funded, by the Government will also have strong bearing. The organisation has established its own structures and processes and can effectively lead

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