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Grantmaking activities vary widely, but in general, they include:

Preliminary development and construction

Project planning and design


Clerical services

The National Park Service works closely with many federal government agencies and communities. A typical grant application involves two or more components and a complex set of tasks. To receive a park grant, there is often a “back office” element working on an application. The back office is the part of the National Park Service that takes applicants’ initial application and determines whether the grant is approved. If the grant is approved, the program provides the equipment and materials for a project and receives a check for the cost.

The applicant receives the funding and has the work completed and paid for. Depending on the projects involved, this can cost several thousand dollars.

How do the grants differ from grants received through other sources?

There are numerous grants available to the National Park Service. Most of the grant decisions are based on quality and quantity.

The National Park Service does not receive funding directly from the federal government. Instead, grants and receipts are shared among more than 1,500 federal agencies and community entities to help protect and enhance the nation’s natural resources. The funds are also used on projects throughout the country.

Are there specific projects funded by the park service?

Not in most cases. Grants are often used to supplement programs and projects that provide services to national parks. They may be part of an expanded project or they may provide services that require the agency staff to be trained, have equipment acquired or complete other tasks to meet a specific need.

What does a National Park Service grant cover?
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Most programs, such as visitor and cultural experiences, provide some basic services like camp-out supplies and meals. Sometimes they provide such important items as emergency kits, portable toilets and camping materials like plastic sheets and canvas tents. The National Park Service also manages other projects that provide services other than the basic needs. These are sometimes referred to as “project-led grants.” For example, if you live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can be eligible to receive a grant for a visitor experience, a visitor center or a visitor center. Some of these projects are called interpretive projects.

How difficult is it to apply for a grant or how many are issued?

The park service issues grants to a variety of organizations, including state parks and tribal lands, and to smaller businesses, nonprofits and public and private colleges and

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