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“A grant is a great way to give money to the community you want to benefit to be more engaged in the community,” explained Ben. A grant “allows the community to get more involved and get more involved in making sure you’re getting it in your own interests and on your own terms, because once you have a grant, the community can decide which projects to fund, and then they’re allowed to be able to be creative.”

It does sound like grants are better value than loans, right? Not necessarily. It’s possible grants are better value than loans. The main point that Ben is making is that grants are better value than loans, provided that you know what your needs are and have a clear budget. What Ben is really saying is that loan programs tend to focus on big projects that they know how to get the money for (the big loan programs focus on small projects that they don’t know how to get to make it to their benefit). However, one of the primary reasons why most individuals do not participate in a large-scale grant programs is because the loans that are available often come with more strings (and the strings often make the funds far less than their cost). A better way for the public to learn how to become more involved in public sector projects can be by helping to implement a loan program for low-income individuals.

For Grantmakers and Donors

When asked what they wish they had known when they decided to participate in a program for low-income residents, Grantmaker David MacKinnon’s first question was: “Will I get loans in return for taking on this project? Will this be funded by someone with the resources to pay for it? Or will it be funded solely by the individuals themselves?” Another Grantmaker, John K. Danko, asked what he wanted the community to be able to afford when he signed up to participate in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). “A CDBG loan is not a loan from the state,” he said. “When you sign up for a CDBG loan, you know you’re getting a public project. So, whether you’re going to take the risk or you’re going to take out a loan, that’s something you have to figure out for yourself.” It goes without saying that the community needs to decide if taking the risk of funding a particular project is a better fit for their budget than getting a loan.

A final benefit that you and your audience may not realize is that there are a few different types of federal government

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