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Your money is usually treated as grant in aid (GRI) if the purpose of the grant is to help you work towards your A level qualification. GRI is not a grant you can use to finance living expenses, so don’t just use that for savings.

To be eligible for the GRI status, you must:

Be enrolled at Oxford or Cambridge University or a state school in your home country, or be studying at an education college in your home country

Attend an accredited course or course of study held by an educational college and meet the requirements for a higher education qualification at the specified level (see below)

Have your course completed with a score of 4 or higher

Have taken A-levels in a relevant degree in your home country

For help with the eligibility criteria see below.

You are also eligible for scholarships that may allow you for work-related travel. These benefits are normally given at the discretion of your funding body and will depend on what the student needs.

Are there other types of aid available to graduate students?

The main types of graduate aid are:

Achievement aid: this is awarded to a student to get them to the school with the highest achievement.

Gradiation support: this is given to enable a graduate student to study with one of several organisations that can be used as mentors.

This will need to be supported by your funding body before you can get any award of aid.

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