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Project grants (PRGs) are for research projects that focus on one or more projects or projects of a group of projects. The main characteristics of PRGs are that projects need to be approved by the University before they can start; they are funded by University staff; and the University must use its best efforts to keep the project open.

Find out how to apply for project grants in our Project Grant FAQ. The University welcomes applications from students and other researchers. You don’t need to apply first to be considered for research projects at the University.

Project Grant Application Process – FAQs

Find out more about applying for a project grant at the University of Reading.

SALT LAKE CITY — For almost two decades, Salt Lake’s First Lady Helen Mar Kimball stood behind a wheelchair with a cane in her driveway. She was a strong woman — she was physically unable to climb stairs, even walking — and was known to go to extremes to keep fit.

Today, however, Mrs. Kimball, now 85, is an active member of her late husband’s family and regularly walks with him when he’s in town for work by herself. Her wife and stepdaughter have told her husband’s friends that Mrs. Kimball has been on her first solo walk since he passed away, and they had her walk with them on Thursday, according to Kimball, who was in Utah to mark the opening of the LDS Tabernacle Choir’s spring season in Salt Lake City.

“Her daughter took her on this walk today,” Mar Kimball said.

Helen Kimball was born Nov. 4, 1919, in Ogden, Utah, the daughter of LDS Church president Joseph F. Smith. Her father, who also was of Mormon faith, wanted her to become a missionary in the Utah Territory and to serve in the Church’s Welfare Department.

“I would’ve been in Utah, but my father wanted me to go to Salt Lake and work for him,” said Helen Kimball, who worked for the Church in Salt Lake City as a clerk in the welfare office. “I thought that would be good with him to get some peace and quiet and time to myself.”

The Utah Territory’s Welfare Department operated the home-based orphanages she was assigned to. Helen Kimball was 13 at the time of her first shift in Utah, then age 15 in 1946, but she had little formal education or formal work experience.

Her duties included preparing, sorting and sending

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