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Project grants are grants (typically under $10,000) that can include research on a problem which can be funded by the project grant. The grant can contain the project idea, or can be a separate work, but the funding body must provide the specific work to be performed and the scope of the grant may contain such terms as “open to the public,” “open to the public and restricted to a certain area” or “non-exclusive.”

The scope of the work is critical, since it may require a specialized approach and may include data or technical support for a number of other projects.


“Project to develop a new methodology for a new product” – see the definition

“Extensive analysis and analysis on how to improve the quality of the financial system” – see the definition

“Extensive study of the impact of the global financial system, including its interactions and implications on economies and social programs”

The grant must provide for an initial project period of at least 12 months with no more than four additional months as a work/study period during which the recipient may select the particular areas for study. Some applicants will use a variety of methods in addition to traditional research.

It is rare for a project grant to be “open to the public”; however, a project grant may be made available to the public. In such cases, the grant can include any amount of grant money for purposes related to the project grant. For example, it could include training or mentoring, grants to be donated by individuals or organizations, or grants in exchange for public-private partnerships.

Project grants come in different levels of detail.

A Project Grant must provide at least 1,000 hours of work and support over the course of 12 months, and a total project cost of not less than $500,000 (i.e., $10,000 for a project grant, $35,000 for a work/study grant).

Some applicants who decide to use a Grant-in-Aid (GIA) will require a separate grant of at least $20,000 but not to exceed $10,000. They will normally then apply for a Project Grant.

What is a Project-in-Aid (PIA)?

Project-in-Aid (PIA) awards are for projects that represent an expansion of existing research or research which would have been funded by a Project Grant or would otherwise be funded at a lower level from the National Institutes

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