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A project grant is a grant that your organization is able to use to carry out a proposed project and which has been approved by the city for that purpose. Project grants cover an estimated amount of the cost of the project, normally around $25,000.

Project Grants are used to cover:

Development costs (such as building, fencing, landscaping and utility repairs).

Planning costs (for example the design of the community center for this project).

Funding for other related costs if the project is approved by the City Council before it can proceed.

You can apply to the city for a project grant if you think your project will help the city by:

Improving the street or public space (such as park space, a community center, library, playground, recreation center or bike and pedestrian path).

Improving the building or parking lot.

Reducing traffic or traffic congestion (such as by adding a bike lane or adding traffic signals).

Improving the quality of life (for example by improving the traffic safety of a street or by adding walkways and planting trees).

Providing community services (for example, landscaping and utility repairs) if the city would like to assist you in the construction of your program.

If the project is approved, you will be able to use this grant to:

Paint sidewalks with chalk on City streets;

Build a community center if the city would like to use your program as an alternative to a traditional office and if the project is approved by the City Council; or

Use the City Parks Department to hire residents to do maintenance work on the building or the parking lot.

If you have special needs (for example, for elderly people, students, residents of low birth rate neighborhoods, or women’s and families with children) then the program must first meet a different criteria to be eligible for a project grant.

What should I consider for project grants?

Projects may be approved to be used either by the city or by individuals or groups that the city wishes to fund. For example, if a community center is a part of a redevelopment project, the proposed project may be approved by this application if it:

is supported by a City Council approved program grant on a project that the city would like to make for this community; and

would meet the above criteria for approval.

There may be certain community center projects that are not eligible for program grants

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