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Grant programs provide support for a wide array of small and medium-sized businesses. It may help you create a new business, get access to technology that your industry needs, establish a customer base or make your current one more effective.

How many local grants is there?

In the year 2015 the CRA awarded over $50 billion dollars in grants and reimbursements, of which a little over $16 billion was made from federal sources alone. The majority of grants are made through individual and corporate donations.

Who pays for a local grant?

Local grant funds are used primarily for: 1) capital costs

2) capital grants

3) small business grants

4) capital investments

5) capital support

6) business-related grants,

7) business/industry support, and

8) small business support.

Can an individual or corporation give cash?

Individuals and corporations can help finance a local grant. One of the most popular ways to fund new business is to invest in your existing business. Another is to create your own business.

For capital grants, most grants are paid for through donations. However, some companies and individuals who have a financial interest in the grant may also contribute funds. The CRA doesn’t allow individuals to contribute to certain types of local grants. For example – the CRA won’t allow individuals to donate funds used to provide small business support (for example, cash for a capital grant or a small business grant) to those in an industry with which a donor has an established, formal business relationship.

Who helps us fund local grants?

The CRA sets an annual funding goal for the CRA-funded grants program. Once an annual funding goal is reached, the CRA also sets a target amount. For example, in 2015 the target amount was set at $24.2 million. As your grant program grows, you need that money to pay for these additional operating expenses.

How do I know how much money I will collect for my local grant?

Your individual or corporation may submit an application through the CRA’s online platform, My Business Program (mybusiness.crabcra.gc.ca), or by calling CRA-CARE – 1-866-985-9167 or 1-800-282-1542. You can submit your application by email or fax.

Who pays for tax refunds?

Most of your local grant dollars go to charities and not government

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