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We use discretionary grants to increase educational attainment and support job search and employment. This is to ensure that every boy and girl from our poorest communities has access to a decent education.

A discretionary grant is a direct grant made by a funding body, usually in the form of a public loan or grant. We use this to fund education up to the student starting age of 18.

We want all students to achieve a high level of education, including by providing additional teaching support to every child, and to improve their skills and employability. This will reduce the need for people to go into work from a lower employment rate.

Our discretionary grants currently enable us to give every child the same chance of attending their local Council school as all other children. It allows us to ensure that no child and no family is left behind.

We are not going towards giving the top boys or girls priority over every other child. Where possible the priority for each child is to go to the nearest free school if their local council already provides that service.

In most cases, schools get most of their funding from councils. However the discretionary grant allows us to provide funding for schools in our area where we have high needs and good prospects. This is particularly important for new independent schools and schools that have been recently opened. We make some discretionary grants on top of the Local Authority schools’ income.

What are the different forms of discretionary Grants?

We have a range of different types of discretionary grants and we will keep updating this page with more detail. We will also keep looking to build a higher education system in which every child, not just the very rich, gets an education which is a first rung on a ladder to life.

How much do discretionary grants cost?

The cost of discretionary grants is very low, so the cost of a discretionary grant will vary according to the child being funded. You can see at a glance the breakdown of discretionary grants by the pupil’s age, and the amount which the pupil will contribute towards the cost of the Grant.

If you get a discretionary grant, you can apply for the maximum amount you can pay. Our rules allow some discretionary grants to be paid as interest free periods. For example, a child with a discretionary grant which was paid off in a single month of his or her life can apply to we pay this in a single instalment. Interest will be paid after this period as per the rules set by the Department for Education.
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