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USA Grants is a nonprofit 501c3 that was established as a way for donors to direct financial and other support, as well as public policy-related, towards their local colleges and universities.

If the USA Grants website looks legit, then the money from your donation goes towards funding programs, programs that directly benefit their students or faculty and other schools. Your donation is tax deductible.

But if you think USA Grants is fake or if is a scam, here are some tips to help you protect yourself:

Check the address for your country.

Check your email for confirmation that money has been sent to you.

Don’t use your credit card and only send a check!

Remember – USA grants doesn’t give you money for an international trip, nor does it pay for travel costs. It is a government funding program for programs that benefit students, and scholarships and financial aid which students participate.

How can I ensure that my contribution in USA grants goes directly to USA students and faculty?

There are two things you can do to ensure your contribution in USA grants will actually benefit students and faculty:

Check online if money has been sent to you.

Check your credit card statement for any charges.

If anyone sends you money to cover travel expenses, don’t be surprised if you haven’t received any check-off. If you do receive check-offs, follow the instructions on the USA grants website.

Some universities, institutions, schools and institutions have specific programs for donors, such as travel awards, financial aid, health care and other assistance. To find information for each programs, see a list of all grant recipients.

USA grants gives money to students?

No. USA grants does not give students money. Instead, USA grants does an outstanding job of supporting their faculty and students by providing student support through scholarships and financial aid programs.

How can I tell if my donor is legit?

USA Grants can provide your money for your travel expenses, which are not considered a university expense. That means that USA grants does not use that money for travel expenses.

However, USA grants also uses some or all your donation for travel expenses or other expenses for the general academic benefit of students and faculty – such as food, housing, transportation, clothing, health or other expenses.

To learn more about how to be sure your gift goes to the right places, visit USA grants’ financial aid page.

How much should I donation

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