Is USA Grants legit? – Government Grants For Rent Assistance

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Yes, USA Grants has legit grants that many other organizations do not and can easily verify through Google. The main difference is your grant can help USA Fund, not the other way around, your money won’t go to USA Fund and USA Fund only benefits.
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Is USA Grants fake?

Yes. USA Grants can be fake, so be careful. Beware, some other organizations have also been known to use USA Grants.

I have no affiliation with USA Grants at all nor have I used their grants.

You still don’t have to be affiliated with USA grants, but if your donation does not go to USA Fund, you risk losing your donations money. USA Fund provides a complete solution with a simple process to find out how USA grants fund your non-profit and that is all you have to do. If your donation is used to fund USA Grants’ operations and projects you are helping (like grants to start businesses and other initiatives for the community), there is nothing that USA grants can do to prevent this.

I’ve already donated money to USA Grants. What am I looking at here?

Our donation page shows what your donation did, so it shows the actual amount of money you donated and what USA Grants does with it.

I received my USA Grants email

If you received your USA Grants email you can see where it was sent from on our donations page.

If you have no idea what you paid a USA grants grant fund, you should call the national office of USA grant to see if you can get a free phone call with staff member, I suggest checking out the USA Funds website for more info if you can’t do this through your USA grant and can’t find your award there.

I received no USA grants email

If you did see one of your USA grants emails here, it is because you are not a US grantee.

To find where your USA grants income is going and what it is being used for, go to the USA Fund website and check out our info on that page. This is the link to see your financial situation.

I’ve already donated money to USA Funds

Here’s the thing…you should donate to USA Funds first, then ask why USA grant made their grants without your permission. USA grants should not be used to fund non-profit activities.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us at 1-888-USA-FOUND (1-888-878

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