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Grant and Loan have the same name, but they are not equivalent. Grant is often treated as a loan because most lenders do not offer it. However, you never have to pay Grant back.

When are loans payable? Loans are payable the minute that you have access to your account. You will not have to pay any amount due even if you pay yourself, though some lenders still require some of your money to be paid to you in advance, but you will never have to pay this amount back.

Loans are payable when? Although many lenders require some of your money to be paid to you in advance, you never have to pay this amount back. Even if you pay someone who has lent you money on your behalf, the payment can be late.

How long is it possible to change your mind if you have paid Grant to someone else? You are free to change your mind. If you want to remove Grant from your account, you can do it as you see fit.

Is Grant credit worth less for people on a low down payment who don’t have credit history? In most cases, Grant is not less valuable than other mortgage products. Generally there are benefits to using a loan over a mortgage, but the difference can be negligible. It won’t affect your mortgage repayments and it’s better for you if you can get an affordable mortgage with a small down payment.
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Do all lenders offer Grants? All lenders offer Grants. But when in doubt, ask your lender. The best way to find out which lenders offer grants is to check your loan balance, and see if grants can affect your repayments.

What is the interest rate of a Grants loan? The interest rate, or the amount you pay each month, depends on a number of factors, including how much you borrow from Grants and how quickly the lender can make the loan repayments. To find out how Grant rates stack under your circumstances, see your loan balance and how quickly the lender can make your repayments. For more information, see our articles about borrowing money with Grants.

How do I repay a Grant loan? As with other mortgages, you have the right to receive regular repayments. The lender will take care of your repayments. At that point, you can either pay off your Grant debt by selling your home or by returning the money to the lender in a lump sum, typically a smaller amount than the loan.

When is a Grant no longer an interest-free loan? There are several reasons why

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