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Grant and his loan for the rest of this season (not counting this year’s loan) will cost £3.5m, but his fee is less under the ‘unrestricted’ part of the deal.

Is the loan ‘controlled’ or will it be automatic?

The terms of the deal, and the salary cap rules, limit the player’s freedom to do what he likes to do with himself. And we could be entering a world where players are forced to do only what is required for the club which has signed him.

Who will benefit?

Grant is already being heavily used by the Lions this season. There are few clubs more in need of a striker than City, and he’s provided some much needed goal scoring. At some point, his departure will cause trouble for the others in the squad (as City will need to deal with a lack of competition at the back, and his departure will make it harder for them to find new players).

The new owners are going to expect a steady flow of success by spending their money this summer, so any sign of unrest in the side might be noticed and will be met with a swift kick in the teeth.

How will Grant’s move affect my summer spending?

The financial situation of the club should change dramatically this summer, allowing us to spend £100m more without hurting the salary cap. This money can be used to acquire an even higher quality striker (or two if required).

How to buy a player with a £60,000 release clause?

As of now, you can only buy players on a release clause with a player owned by Manchester City. Any team that are still in the market for a player with this type of release clause may still apply to buy the free players, but they have to meet certain criteria.

A team must be in the relegation zone

The relegation zone is the bottom four divisions of the English league system, in which the lowest division that can be achieved is the Championship. It’s a tough league full of relegation dogfights, so if a team’s survival is still in doubt, they won’t be allowed back into that division. Only one club from this list can be bought (that being Sunderland) so to avoid getting stuck in a relegation dogfight, a team with a clause that states they have to stay a place above the relegation zone will be exempt. A clause would also be needed so that a team qualifies for one of the two Europa League spots that

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