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What is its aim?

Fafsa is a grant to promote peace and understanding in Gaza and the West Bank. It started on July 31, 2012 and ended on July 12, 2014. The grant was made to Palestinian institutions as well as non-profit organizations and other organizations, that support Palestinian people facing the occupation. The grant is open to everyone, including those who work in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and the refugee camps. It is non-political and non-religious.

What are the goals and activities of the fund?

The main priorities are peace, reconciliation, and security. The grants will be used for promoting the realization of these goals.

What are the recipients of the funds?

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Palestinian organisations, non-governmental organisations, and political organizations are receiving funds from the Fafsa grant-fund. The funds will be used for development, education, infrastructure, training, humanitarian assistance, and health care; to create new institutions that foster peace and reconciliation; and to support the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its projects.

What are the recipients of the grant?

The main recipients include the Gaza-based Palestinian-Palestinian Public Committee for Development – Information and Human Welfare (WPPCW) in West Bank, Hamas-affiliated Islamic Relief and Development Foundation (IRDF) in the Gaza Strip on behalf of Hamas, Palestinian NGO in the West Bank (CPLF). Additionally, the Hamas government’s Humanitarian Relief Management (HMS) Trust has received funds from the fund.

Are the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas government in Gaza, and the Palestinian public in general in line with the main aims of the Gaza-based fund?

The principal aims of the Gaza-based FAFSA, which is not based on a budget, aim to promote dialogue with the Palestinian public. The aim is that, where possible, education will become a key tool for strengthening people’s commitment to peace. This is a political and ideological project, that was launched at a time when the political landscape in Palestine was changing considerably. Furthermore, the political landscape has changed dramatically in recent months, with Hamas winning elections in Gaza and Fatah’s PLO-affiliated leadership being ousted at the national level by Hamas, as its representative in Gaza, leading to its decision to dissolve the West Bank-based PA and to establish an Islamic state in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The current political landscape in Palestine is in a constant state of flux, therefore, the political projects of the F

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