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DHHS states that they must not perform, process, or dispense any medications without a patient’s written consent. Additionally, they must provide notice before issuing any medical or health care management order. However, it appears that federal rules prohibit the agency from making a decision or issuing such an order without informed written consent.

What’s DHHS thinking? What about drug use?

Some states and localities have decided to use law enforcement to enforce their medical marijuana laws. In the case of New York, for example, the state has been cracking down on dispensaries who are not affiliated with a group that has been allowed to operate in the state by state law, known as the state Compassionate Care Act (SCA) – a law designed to ease the medical marijuana regulations and allow patients to grow their own. On November 1, a group of New Yorkers and the attorney general filed a lawsuit in the Bronx against an “illegal and unlicensed marijuana farm” where they say that the state’s legal marijuana supply to their patients are being diverted to the illegal farm. The lawsuit alleges that some of the illegal plants are from an illicit supply that New York cannot identify and that New Yorkers deserve to have an informed choice when it comes to medical marijuana.

What do New York marijuana patients need to know?

After researching, we discovered that many health professionals do not feel qualified to help patients understand what is involved with using medical marijuana. With that in mind, we would like to present a concise medical marijuana reference card that patients as well as their doctors can use to help determine the risks and benefits of using medical marijuana.

We also encourage patients to share with their physicians the information they have received from their doctors with respect to medical marijuana and, at the recommendation of their physician, to make a medical marijuana recommendation for themselves or their caregiver. This information can be important in giving patients a more informed perspective about the various benefits and risks of medical marijuana and helping them to ensure that they want to continue their use, should it ever become a viable medical option for them.

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