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Your state or federal health care provider can help you find out what health care coverage you may have in your state, and what your coverage is. You may be able to use your state Medicaid information to see if it is coverage in effect under Medicaid.

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If you have questions about any of the above or other questions you may have about health care, contact your local health care provider. Ask your state Medicaid information officer the questions you need to ask, since Alaska uses a managed care system that requires some state information to help you in the process.

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How coffee gets hot
Coffee gets hotter or sweeter if you are more or less concentrated.
Concentrated coffee is  a hot mixture of water and some  other particulate or gas that is less dense than water.  The amount of water changes the coffee’s odor.
An example would be using water in a microwave.  If there is sodium in the mix, you end up  dipping your spoon in the water.  And a coffee maker will burn when it’s heated and exposed to the sodium.  If you use  water and add  a particulate that’s less dense, you’ll use more.  It’s pretty much like spraying an apple pie  with salt instead of sugar.  Sodium in the mix can increase and/or decrease the flavor of your  coffee slightly.  We’re using a hot bath for this experiment.

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