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State of Idaho.

Can DHHS take my puppy to the vet? DHHS can transport most puppies between local veterinarians for an exam if appropriate. Dogs that are under 1 year old and do not require travel to an alternative veterinary facility may be transported directly to your home. There is a $15 fee for all dogs between the ages of 3 – 9 months, and these dogs may be transported to another location depending on their condition and if the vet can obtain additional care for them. The fee for a single puppy between ages 1-3 months, with travel to a veterinary hospital included, is $40.

Can I drop a puppy off at the vet if I don’t know him/her yet? Yes, however the dog will need to be registered at the time of transport and will be allowed to leave the veterinary appointment area. Please call the local vet at the time you plan on transporting your pup. Dogs will be inspected for all diseases and parasites.

Is there an insurance plan for puppies and small animals? Yes. All puppies are covered by the USDA – National Veterinary Density Services. All small animals, however, are not. Your State or Federal Government may purchase a puppy insurance policy if you would like coverage.

How many vaccinations should I get? Most puppies should have at least one dose of Bordetella pertussis vaccine with diphtheria pertussis and tetanus toxoid in addition to pertussis shot. Additional vaccines for young puppies with a similar vaccination history may be available at the vet. There are no exceptions.

Can I have more than one puppy? DHHS cannot provide additional animals beyond the four you can legally own. Each puppy is individually owned and cared for. Do not attempt to purchase more than four puppies at a time.

How can I keep the puppies clean and comfortable all season long? DHHS can provide clean, comfortable living conditions for all puppies. Do not allow the puppies to be allowed to roam freely. Also, never let older puppies outside.

Where can puppies be found for boarding? Please contact your local local boarding shelter for recommendations.

Do I want to bring a puppy home with me? Yes. It is very important to keep your puppy in the home with you until he/she reaches the appropriate age. It is best for the pup to stay with you until the age of 8 months before he/she will come out of his/her crate and can be returned to you. Do not let puppies out in the

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