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Your grants are very much free. To the extent that you get some sort of financial assistance, that’s great!

What sort of funds will I need to set up my foundation? What sort of help will it need before it can start taking my grants?

When you first start your foundation, you will need to hire staff. If you want to set up multiple foundations in the same city, we would need to take some steps to secure your permission first, and then hire staff to do your work. We can’t get involved with all the grant-making tasks, so as to maintain a relatively low overhead, but we do offer several options for people with little or no experience with foundations or philanthropy to help in the process.

Can I change my name/brand/organisation?

Yes, of course. We use a different name and brand for the foundation, so there’s no risk that someone who’s already using your name or charity name will want to use your new entity/name if, for example, they want to become a “philanthropist” or “philanthropiest” in the world, or a “philanthropic business owner” or “philanthropic investor”.

We may ask you to rename your entity or your name/brand on our behalf, and we will probably also ask for that when you apply for grants.

You can get the process of changing your name and branding at

Is it possible to set up both a foundation and a non-profit? I’d like to create a foundation and then run a company that raises money for charities. I only need funds for a charity, am I allowed to do this?

We understand that there may be different rules and regulations regarding the creation and operation of non-profits and foundations. We do not encourage or accept any illegal action involving foundation or non-profit activity. If you want to go that route, we’ve got a lot of resources on how to do this at

Are there any fees for running a foundation or an organisation?

We’re not into raising money. Our core mission is to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re pretty much doing the same thing, but with many different goals and perspectives.

Are there any fees for running a foundation or an organisation?

No, we’re not into raising money.

Is there any fee, as fees typically are, for putting

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