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Once you’ve determined how much you want to write grants, the next step is to find the funding agency and the type of grant you’d like to accept.

First, you’ll need to determine what type of grant is appropriate for you and your project. You’ll want to use an agency like GRID or Open Source USA.

GRID provides grants that focus on specific problems and solutions. Open Source USA provides grants for general innovation and research, especially areas that require a combination of funding sources and innovation. Many grants are also funded through partnerships with outside foundations to build a better and more diverse ecosystem of open source projects. We hope you consider all of this when developing an application to a grant.

Next, you’ll also want to determine how much money you plan to receive. We recommend you use the free grant calculators to determine the maximum you’d be able to receive per grant. We also recommend consulting your funding agent to determine your eligibility for a grant and to help you better define the size of your grant.

What happens once I have an application rejected or an application approved?

Once your application has been rejected, you can check the status of an application with

To start an application process for an Open Source USA grant, you’ll need to complete and submit the Online Application Form and the Submission Form.

Before submitting an application, the funding agency(s) you wish to nominate will need to verify your identity through the Federal Records Center (FRC).

If you’re submitting an application to an existing grant to the same funding agency, you should submit the application yourself to FRC’s request an account(s) (RA) database.

To search an existing grant for information on yourself, use the FRL Search tool, click on Funding Agency (for GRID grant programs) or in the top left of the FRL portal, go to the Funding Agency search page.

Where can I go for more information?

This article shows some of the main points you’ll want to know about applying for an Open Source USA grant. You can read more about other important information under the Open Source USA grant category.

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