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This week on the podcast we catch up with Paul Scheer about the time he played to a group, played in a football game, and ran through a football drill with some of the guys. We also talk about what’s on his agenda at the time.

This week’s special guest is Adam “Lil B” Burt, rapper and artist from Atlanta. In his episode we find out a little bit about the rapper, some of his influences, and where Lil B’s coming from. Lil B says his goal as an artist is to make everyone happy.

Also on the show is an article and a song with our very special guest, Dr. Dan, who has been making music in Atlanta for over a decade and speaks with us about how he became a musician.

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” A blade like this has always been in my family. They were among the first blades I learned to wield, and in this way I was named for my skill with such weapon. We always say that the Dark Brotherhood has the sword of an assassin. Even the blade of an assassin. ” — Serana

A blade is a piece of armor, usually made of stone, which is used by assassins as a weapon. Only two types of blade will be found in skyrim: the blade enchanted with an additional magic effect, and the one enchanted with a unique shout effect in which the user will shout wildly until their health or stamina is drained

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