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There are a number of ways how money can have an impact on a program like this, which is why the grant money is given out in a different way for each program each year.

Grant programs must be in the public interest and designed specifically to promote public health or reduce health risks or barriers to people having access to good quality health care.

The criteria used to determine the grant recipient, the nature of the project or activity and/or the needs of Canadians are the same.

The amount of funding (in millions) awarded over three- years varies with the number of participants in a program. For instance, the grants will cover up to 35 percent of the costs of a project or activity, up from 21 percent last year. But the amounts are fixed, so no matter how much money is awarded, the cost of the project will always exceed what is spent.

For more information, please read our funding explanation and our grant program description.

WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork) — Mayor DeBlasio said Monday that New Yorkers should prepare for a massive transit strike, which is likely to begin Wednesday morning.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello that it will be announcing a strike by mid-morning.

“I would expect there would be quite a few people out there in those big numbers and I don’t know where they would be put in particular areas but I should anticipate that some lines would get closed,” DeBlasio said Monday.

DeBlasio also said many stations along the Hudson Street Metro line are expected to close down for a number of days.

“It is a highly disruptive situation, and it is my intention that when I am sworn in, these people will be working at their full capacity and they will be able to keep service running,” he said.

Some of de Blasio’s appointees are pushing for the MTA to implement the same contract that is in place for the subway in New York City. That contract requires workers to receive a minimum of two-thirds of the wage they make when a strike is threatened.

De Blasio and MTA Board Chair Joseph Lhota have both said that they would support such a union contract if presented by the MTA and approved by the board. A contract for the MTA is also being negotiated in other markets, including Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago.

DeBlasio also said he is ready to fight to preserve the MTA’s existing contract.
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“Every strike is

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