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If you are a small business, you have to provide us a letter from your business owners outlining the potential benefits you’d have for our project. We will then research how to make the grant process easier. We do not require any specific project scope. We require a business plan, business feasibility and a feasibility review. Then we require to review and approve your business plan. A business feasibility report must explain the cost of the entire project in terms of both the revenue and other aspects of the business. If your business is a partnership, all partners must put together an appropriate business plan that will include the costs of each partner’s role. We will pay for either the business plan or the cost of the estimated project and we will not accept a business plan without a business feasibility report.

What will be my responsibilities? Depending on your size we can handle any of the following: We can: Review business plan

Consider a feasibility review

Georgetown Chamber and City of Georgetown Partner to ...
Perform a feasibility review for a specific business and decide the project scope

Perform a business feasibility report We can’t charge for this service. Please call us for more information about how we can help you.

What if I have other ideas for my project? If you have any other ideas for how to make the project easier, let us know by completing the project idea form.

A few months ago, the United States announced at the United Nations that it had killed an estimated 2,900 civilians in war and conflict zones — including at least 400 children. It was a stunning number that, for a moment, nearly shattered the world’s conscience and sent shockwaves through the media. But the real number is far higher.

The US government doesn’t provide any estimates for casualties it claims it has committed, but in the early 2000s, when it was building its Guantánamo Bay military prison, the Pentagon said the number of civilian prisoners was 1,250.

But the official count goes back much further than that, and has long been subject to debate. The Pentagon has previously acknowledged between 500 and 700 civilians have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, but a 2012 report made by a Senate inquiry accused U.S. drone operators of “deliberate indifference” to the deaths of civilians by killing family members of alleged militants. It also said some civilians were shot in the back of the head by drones.

Another US government watchdog, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, found that “the [drone] program’s collateral damage estimates are at

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