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You start by building a database called GALAI, a system used to match the “matching” skills of people in need with the jobs in which they’re good at. These matchmakers can then use GALAI’s algorithms to connect any job to anyone who is looking to use their skills. GALAI is an open-source platform for matching skills.

What are my competitors doing?

It is also important for startup founders to remember that others are already providing much-needed help. Some are small start-ups and some are large international companies. Some are not new at all, although they are newer companies with unique strengths.

Find a group of people who are interested in offering help. Ask a lot of questions and have patience. Most importantly, have a conversation about their startup with them. They might not be as interested in helping as you are, but they might be a great conversation partner. Try to find an idea for some sort of free service that could bring in some revenue.

Some of my best partners have never been on a job interview, but they have helped me solve some of the real-world problems I’ve encountered along the way.

Do I go to school or work for my business?

A good way to find partners is to seek out a university that currently offers a degree in entrepreneurship. The MBA is a great option and a better opportunity to connect and to learn skills. If you can find a company that has a degree in entrepreneurship and you can get into the MBA program at a top school, you are way ahead of the competition. You will also be in a better position to learn your strengths as well as your weaknesses to help you get started.

Do I go to work at any company that is going through an accelerator program?

There are a lot of good options for entrepreneurship in San Diego, such as the Global Accelerator and Accelerator-City (founded by my startup), Entrepreneurship Central, Accelerator X, Accelerator East and Startup Accelerate.
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If the companies in these programs have the right mentors and some mentees are actually trying to move up to bigger companies, that is also an added bonus.

How do I know if someone is interested in helping me launch my startup?

Most of my best partnerships have been started with people of similar backgrounds. But other times I have found that I am surrounded by very smart, very motivated individuals who I will not only love for their support, but

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