How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Free Government Grants And Loans Applications

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You can apply for free boiler grants up to 2 years after completing a course. You must:

apply to the National School, or

apply to a school with a registered school licence that holds boiler grants in your area

This service has since ended.

You can still get a grant through the school’s own community service application.

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COPENHAGEN ― A Copenhagen resident whose life was saved by a Danish cyclist said today that the incident was an example of how “the laws of gravity are often defied.”

The unnamed victim was cycling along the side of a Danish border fence near Denmark’s border with Sweden last month when he was hit by an illegal immigrant, a Copenhagen police spokesman said.

The cyclist was seriously injured. Doctors said today that he now has a “massive skull fracture” that might require surgery on his brain, and is in critical condition, the spokesman, Lars Jenssen, told The Local.

The incident is one of a number of high-profile fatal police interactions in Europe this month that have triggered national debates over the use of bicycles and their potential use to deter certain suspects.

One of the most controversial examples came last week. A cyclist riding from the Netherlands to Paris was shot dead by a lone gunman on a motorcycle near the Louvre metro station in Paris.

The attack drew wide attention even though the man killed was not suspected of being a terrorist, and French police said the shooting was not related to the ongoing violence in the country, which has been locked in its worst-ever political crisis over the last several weeks.

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