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Visit our website and use the “What Is the Genealogy Grant? Form” located in the top right corner to submit an application. A grant will not be issued if you are not registered to work in the US. To determine if someone is registered to work in the US, go to:, fill out the questionnaire, then mail it back to us by the designated return receipt dated at least 7 days prior to the grant award. Your application will be reviewed by us and may be declined or delayed for up to 5 business days. Upon review of your application, you may obtain a notification from our grant administrators, if any, indicating whether we will grant your application. The notification will contain a link to the web page (i.e., web application) that you should review and provide feedback prior to submitting the application again. It also tells you how long you have to provide feedback. Once an application and/or application fee is approved and the notification is returned to us, we will begin processing your grant funds. The application fee is in the same price range as the grant itself.

I’m a resident of Canada, I want to file an application for a grant. What do I need to do?

First of all, if you are a Canadian citizen or a green card holder, you must have a temporary resident visa. Applicants from other countries cannot apply, but should contact the US grant administrators in the US to be aware of their country’s specific requirements.

I’m a permanent resident, I want to submit an application for a grant. What do I need to do?

You must already have a US Social Security number (SSN) and Social Security number (SSN-TIN). Please verify that you are a US citizen. Click here for our SSN checklist.

I’m visiting the US and want to submit an application for a grant. What do I need to do?
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Please note that this is not a travel grant. You do not need a visa to enter the US. Any foreign national who wants to apply for a grant is welcome to do so. If you come to the US with a waiver you MUST NOT claim the waiver before obtaining a US social security number. When you come to the US and want to apply for a grant, you will be presented with a new Social Security number and you will need to submit the

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