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The easiest way is to save money for college first then start taking out loans. There are lots of financial aid programs at some institutions that offer free or nearly free money as an incentive to attend.

There are two ways to save for college:

What would happen if the U.S. military launched a “global strike”?

A recent report by the RAND Corporation on how the U.S. military conducts and manages wars reveals several intriguing parallels of today’s war-making in the War on Terror, from the use of special operations forces against a variety of terrorist groups to the use of cyberwarfare against a wide array of U.S. enemies.

For those interested in an excellent summary of these trends, check out this RAND report, How the U.S. Defends Against Cyberattacks.

What is Global Strike?

Global Strike is not something that military officials want to talk about. After all, the Pentagon has been pushing a narrative in the media calling the U.S. military’s cyberwarfare approach “Global Strike.” The concept was first presented publicly in the aftermath of 9/11 to justify the expansion of U.S. military capabilities.

But according to the RAND report, Global Strike has been in use since at least the late 1940s and has been the tool of choice of U.S. military authorities. A 2010 RAND study documented the use of the term “Global Strike” in the legal framework that underlies U.S. attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq and in U.S. drone wars across the Greater Middle East.

“The United States does not define ‘Global Strike,’ but it recognizes ‘Global Strike’ as a tool, and the use of ‘Global Strike’ in the legal framework that underlies its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq has been ongoing since the early 1940s,” the RAND study says.

A Global Strike mission “involves the military using any available intelligence, information and other resources to protect the country from threats from a wide variety of states including the United States, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and the Islamic State,” the RAND study says. It goes on to explain that “global strike” refers to “the U.S., as part of a coordinated force, participating in operations without a mandate from Congress.”

RAND also says that Global Strike was never intended to be a part of “mission creep” or a “mission of conquest”. It is “not something that the United States wants to encourage

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