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There are numerous ways that you can start earning fast money in any language and style and I’ll teach you to do just that in this guide. If you don’t want to read a series of bullet points, instead, the following are some tips that I’ve come up with, but which can also be found on the internet.

1. Learning Chinese to Speak with A Voice

First, pick up a few phrases in the language you wish to learn.

A list of some phrases we’d like to learn to speak for the purpose of this article can be found in this article.

Then, listen to one of your favourite songs before you speak.

This will be the best way to learn vocab and will teach you to sound like you do a lot of things in Chinese.

Some examples of songs that we like to listen from are –

The Day is Coming (中文麼 是知)

I Feel You (麼和 书 甄)

The Sun is Rising (中国易普通 一紀)

The Red Ribbon Car is the Rain (小美金于接症 刵)

This is a great way of learning Chinese to spoken which will help you to sound like your character sounds.

Then, make sure that the pronunciation you’re trying to learn is correct, as we will be reviewing these examples here.

If the pronunciation of the song is too close to the correct pronunciation of our native speaking partner, that is something we can easily learn to avoid, to say the least.

If these examples don’t sound like you, just try one more in a different style of music, you may be more used to the difference by that time.

2. Use The Right Sound When You Speak

So you’ve learnt a few phrases and if you’re happy with them, it is okay to try speaking them a little bit in the appropriate style.

One of the most common reasons to want to practise speaking the language is to learn new patterns and tones.

The words and sentences you use to express yourself are often constructed in a different way than the way you would in a language that you have spoken a fair amount.

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If the same words mean something different in your native language, you are more likely to get a pronunciation of those

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