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No. If you are being funded by other government agencies or the private sector.

What the federal government has funded projects under the “Public Private Partnership” model is the development and operation of public transit systems.

How did the new federal-provincial funding formula work?

The new formula created a new $50-billion fund to help municipalities with infrastructure needs, and the federal government has committed to a $5-billion fund this fiscal year.

Where do the dollars go?

The money is not used for infrastructure but instead for programs such as youth programs and local schools, for example.

How does this help me or my community?

The federal and provincial governments have committed to use the new money to help cities and communities create public transit and help the Canadian economy grow by investing in things like infrastructure.

Can I be held responsible for getting this money?

Yes. However, the money must go to public transit infrastructure projects and not individual projects.

Are these things my money or federal money?

That depends on what you believe. According to the Finance Department, in the past two years, each federal minister has dedicated $1.2 billion to the public transportation fund and $1.1 billion to individual projects.

Why should these projects be local?

Local projects may include roads and sidewalks. They are easier to finance, reduce impacts to neighbours and improve quality of life for residents.

What kind of projects should get the money?

The Finance Department says infrastructure that improves the quality of life in a community like local parks or bike paths will receive more funding per capita.

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It’s good that you’re not just investing in roads and bridges – you’re trying to make transportation better for people in your community, too.

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