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Can I join a grant program?


How do I apply?

To apply for a grant, you must have a valid credit card and a bank account for the funds that you are requesting. In order to accept the grant or to request further information, please click here to submit your request.

How does grant policy work?

You can obtain more information on applying for funds here: “To be eligible, you must have a valid credit card and have a bank account for the funds that you’re requesting”

Will my donations be credited to credit cards?

No. Funding is available for one year.
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I’m new to the foundation and I’m unsure of how to set up My Fund or make a donation.

You can get more information on how to set up your My Fund in the Frequently Asked Questions. For more information on making a donation or contributing to the foundation, please contact us at

I want to give at least some of my donation to the Foundation. Why don’t we just give at least the maximum amount possible?

There is nothing to prevent you from donating more than you are currently allowed, either directly to the foundation or for other use. We have a policy that asks contributors to divide the donation as evenly as possible, and we’ll send them a check for the difference. The amount that we will use is the same as the maximum donation allowed. If you donate more than this maximum, in addition to the funds that have already been donated to the Foundation, we may ask you to post a donation or donate-a-day in your area.

What if I make a major life change?

You may re-submit your application for a grant anytime during the grant and approval period. At any time during or after the approval period, you may request a new, larger amount, or you can choose to make more of your donation to the Foundation. If you are unable to re-submit your application, we will consider your amended request for additional funds.

Why was my submission delayed?

The Foundation has a 90-day processing deadline for all applications received. We cannot accept grants after this time.

Why was my application rejected?

We cannot accept grants after this time. Please apply again.

My application was denied. Can I still make a grant?

Yes! If you have previously submitted

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