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Grantmakers can choose to apply to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for a federal grant so that the money they put towards the project can be used for a variety of purposes, such as “enhancing” border security services, or even helping those already living in the United States to obtain legal status.

For the purposes of this program to qualify for a grant, the applicants must show that they would be eligible to receive the grant. This application and subsequent funding are not a formal grant of immigration status or permanent residence.

In addition to this general grant of legal status, applicants are also eligible to apply for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)-Grant Eligibility Application (USCIS-GEO-RA). This application is issued by the USCIS for purposes of matching funds for individuals with a certain educational attainment status, so that they may qualify for a federal grant in this program. Applicants that meet the eligibility requirements to receive a grant and have the income resources to qualify, receive a matching grant.

Is this a program for immigrants from a specific country?

It can be helpful to understand the grant opportunities for certain applicant categories. Generally speaking, the immigrant grants can be awarded to applicants in certain countries or specific geographic areas. For a more comprehensive explanation of the grant program available to individuals from selected countries, visit the Department of Homeland Security Grant Opportunities website for additional information.

How many immigrants can this program help in a year?

There are no formal limits on the number of immigrants that can be eligible for a DHS-Grant Eligibility Application (USCIS-GEO-RA). If the applicant is an adult with a documented entry-level job, regardless of the country/area of residence, the applicant can receive a DHS-Grant Eligibility Application.

Who decides if applicants are eligible?

A DHS-Grant Eligibility Application is issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the specific purpose of matching funds for the following purposes:

A DHS-Grant Eligibility Application will allow the applicant and the DHS-grantee to meet the eligibility requirements in order to receive the appropriate federal grant.

A DHS-Grant Eligibility Application is only granted based upon an applicant who meets the eligibility requirements to the grant:

The applicant must meet the general education and job training program eligibility requirements.

Applicants with the proper identification must demonstrate the appropriate eligibility for any DHS

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