Can pensioners get a grant for a new boiler?

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If it’s a new boiler that’s under refurbishment, the local council will cover the cost of the boiler and the new work.

If you bought your home before October 2006, though, the council would pay you £10 per month to keep the boiler clean, and the energy bill.

There are some exemptions: if the boiler’s replacement is on the premises that you bought, your benefits will only rise if a replacement boiler comes from the public sector. Those who buy their home before November 2006 will be charged an extra £10.

If you live on the premises that you own, you have to pay the council’s bill if the boiler is in your house only .

What can I get from the council?

You will be entitled to an Energy Saving Notice (ESN) with the council that details the maximum heat output of your boiler when running – including the energy needed for the boiler’s installation and maintenance. It will also help you check that the boiler is safe and properly maintained. The ESN will give a detailed breakdown of the costs of electricity for the furnace and boiler. It will tell you the cost, which will depend on which type of furnace or boiler it was and whether you’re receiving council bills – so you’ll know whether the boiler’s power bill includes running costs, or whether you’re responsible for paying for them.

You can claim the tax break for heating your home, but will have to do an additional calculation to decide whether you need to take part in the tax cut. The council’s advice about how to claim the tax break, and to find out what will happen if you don’t claim the cut, is available in the local authority’s guidance on energy conservation.

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