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You should still be able to claim as a pensioner if you have lived outside the UK for more than a year since you were due to be allowed to get a pension.

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You can apply to HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ) for an award of a grant for a new boiler that meets the relevant eligibility criteria.

If the heating needs of your own home are so great that you cannot live with your spouse or civil partner, you do not need to live in the UK – you can still claim.

What about the age limit for the award of a grant for a new boiler?

If you live outside the UK you cannot be eligible for a pension for a new boiler unless you are already registered. But if your spouse or civil partner live outside the UK, it may be possible for you to claim for a grant for any new boiler in your home if they have lived in the UK for more than 6 months when you were due to begin receiving a pension and have lived outside the UK for 5 months or more during this time.

The New York Times has published a story citing leaked documents about how Google handles “sick” requests from children with cystic fibrosis. These emails, obtained as part of a court case and subsequently published by the Associated Press, show that Google considers children’s coughs (and their responses) to be a problem and tries to fix that “via more aggressive ads for the diseases” and “other interventions, including education and treatment.” The article also notes the extent to which “some researchers who study cystic fibrosis say Google’s efforts appear to be largely ineffective.” The fact that Google would consider this to be a problem and attempt to fix it in order to market more “life-threatening” products is just another aspect of this story that is very upsetting for me.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, took to Twitter after the story was published to express displeasure at the way the story is being covered, saying he was “not surprised” by the “sick and dying” reference and suggesting that “sometimes the most extreme examples are the most powerful.” Pichai also tweeted that he wanted to know “why did [the paper] go to the extreme to come to this conclusion if they simply had other evidence?” He has also expressed anger at the fact that his company had been named in the report. As much as I don’t think Pichai is a bad person, his response to an incident that he believes is overreacting

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