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There is currently no way to receive a grant for a boiler.

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If you’d like to apply for one, contact your local council and they’ll take a look at your situation.

If your boiler and insulation service provider will charge you for your installation and the boiler you’re refurbishing will be delivered to you by an installer then you should pay for the installer’s costs.

You may be able to get a grant from the local council or you could ask to have your boiler service contract reviewed.

Is it possible to get free boiler services?

In the past there was a scheme called ‘Free boiler’ where people could receive a grant as long as they could provide their own boiler and insulation service.

Some councils are now setting up a ‘Free boiler’ allowance scheme so that people will no longer need to apply for a grant.

How do you get a grant?

You need to pay for the installation and for the installation of a new boiler and insulation service.

A person can’t claim a grant for the amount they’re asked to pay.

If you’ve been asked to pay a lot

A person who is still struggling with a heating bill should be advised to get advice.

Your heating bill can include the costs of the boiler, insulation and replacement pipes required for this or that type of boiler. There has been a rise in the number of people needing this type of advice with the number of boiler leaks and the number of heat packs installed on boilers.

If your heating bill hasn’t been paid yet, it is often not considered a payment until a bill has been paid.

How to check your heating bill

If you have questions about your heating bill or its accuracy and accuracy check it with your supplier.

You can also get other advice by:

calling your local council to speak to a free specialist.

calling their council or their energy supplier.

writing to the relevant body. It can be helpful if the body includes a list of any fees and payments they charge.

For more information check your council website or local energy website at:

How to get help when your heating bill is out of order

An ‘out of order’ statement will be displayed if the heat pump is not working properly. If the pump is functioning properly your heater should be working correctly.

Find out what’s wrong with your heater. The ‘out of order’ statement will display this

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