Can pensioners get a grant for a new boiler? – Government Grants For Seniors Home Repairs In Canada

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Yes, this is a possible grant. You can apply for a new boiler from a provider. If there is no provider and you can’t find a boiler online or even in an old building, you can get a grant. It might cost £100 for a boiler.
A few key cities in Ontario have been early recipients of ...

If you are a pensioner you will get a monthly grant – for example, for a whole year that should be £300. The provider will ask for your signature on your application if you want to pay.

How to apply

Visit the National Coal Board website to apply or speak to your local authority.

How to make an application

You just need to sign the application form, make a short statement and submit it to the National Coal Board. It costs the same as a boiler.

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You can:

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