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There are two main ways to fund a new boiler, a public or a private project.

If you have a home the government can help you finance the renovation to make it habitable. They can do this through the scheme, the new fuel poverty strategy, where you can donate any money you receive to a fund to spend on a boiler and get one for a flat.

Public schemes to build and refurbish new homes

In England and Wales, councils must build, refurbish and maintain new and refurbished homes.

A new boiler for an average-sized property costs £80,000. As you’ll appreciate, this could mean more than £20,000 on your tax bill for the next few years. The government can only pay part of the costs of a new boiler, but can also choose to fund a second boiler, the replacement of an existing boiler or the construction of a new boiler. You could be eligible for up to 5 years of grant funding, or up to 25 years of grant funding.

You can also claim a grant from the UK and the Local Governments Fund on the refurbishment of your home by a public scheme. This works differently to the scheme that provides the basic boiler grant. If the scheme pays for the whole amount, you will receive a grant of up to £30,000 on the refurbishment of your home.

The government will not provide funding for refurbishment of new and refurbished homes without the consent of the property owner.

You can claim up to three years of grant funding on your refurbishment of a property from:
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the Department for Communities and Local Government

the Department for Communities Infrastructure

The Department for Transport and the Department for Housing have both funded refurbishment projects of refurbished homes.

Other ways to fund a new boiler

You can claim for:

the cost of all repairs to your existing boiler

up to £5,000 of repair costs to your existing boiler when you replace it with a new one

when you replace it with a new one the costs of maintaining your boiler during its lifetime if you do not have full and adequate boiler management arrangements in place

the cost for each additional boiler during the life of the boiler if your boiler is not refurbished and maintenance has not been completed

You may be entitled to a grant for the cost of refurbishment if:

a council has funded the maintenance of your boiler through a scheme and the replacement of it (with new

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