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No. Although Gives grants are sometimes used for things, they are typically used for quests instead.

Prayer Edit

Prayers are used to contact other characters, ask about the world, talk with NPCs, and give quests. Unlike gives, prayers require an initial payment and can be repeated with no cost to either player.

Prayers are given by the player’s NPC. Upon giving a prayer, the player is asked to name something related to a quest that is waiting in their inventory or by clicking on an NPC’s head in the prayer window as described in further detail below.

When prayers are given, they are also used for various other gameplay purposes.

If the player does not have enough prayer, the prayer icon will be grayed out.

Note that all prayer uses cost a certain amount of Prayer points for each of the three kinds of prayer. The amount of Prayer points used depends upon the level of the player, the type of quest, and the prayer level of the character. For instance, to get to 99 Defence with a level 30 prayer, it takes 16,333 Prayer points. To get to 99 Prayer with a level 42 prayer, it takes 10,000 Prayer points. These Prayer points are used until the next day, after which they can be bought from a shop. To get more Prayer, players can use more Prayer.

A quick checklist of how to get prayer items is given in the following table:

The maximum amount of prayer that can be received while doing quests, is also given in the following tables:

The quest level used to determine the maximum amount of prayer, is generally found in the quest notes, in the next section.

Level Prayer Experience required Minimum Maximum 1 5,000 10,000 99 2 11,333 50,000 159 3 22,333 100,000 239 4 40,000 200,000 477 5 60,000 300,000 622 6 92,333 500,000 867 7 135,000 600,000 1,073 8 189,000 800,000 1,958 9 235,000 1,200,000 2,092 9 294,000 1,400,000 2,634 10 350,000 1,700,000 2,968 10 399,000 1,900,000 3,094 10 441,000 1,900,000 3,367 10 495,000 2,100,000 4,047 10

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